Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Randomness before bed

It's so F-ing hot.
Period plus hot humid weather do not frickin mix and I will punch DH in the scrote if he says anything tomorrow when I turn the AC on.
Well, IF I turn it on... and I will if it's like this again.
It was supposed to rain, and it drizzled a little but it's only caused it to get SO frickin humid. You sweat like crazy and it just sticks to you. I dunno WTF people did back in the day before AC.


Period is def not normal, but I'm not complaining b/c it's not as heavy. That's a plus in my book lol.
I'd say it's at about a medium-heavy flow right now.
Hoping it goes away to at least just spotting by Saturday.

Enjoying the hell out of some junk food this week. Getting in all of the cravings I've had before going strict again. I'm just more determined than ever. 8 months is not that long and I'm going to kick this ass in to gear!!

We TOTALLY bought a leash for Zoe. ROFL
Yes, we're now one of 'those' parents that leash their child and ya know what... I don't care. It's the best invention EVER lol
I wanted one w/ a little plushie on the back but we ended up getting one with a backpack instead so we could put stuff in it. We put it on Z tonight and she loved it. She screamed when DH took it off and had a fit so we let her wear it until bed time. Going to come in handy *nodnod*

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