Sunday, April 6, 2014

Writing it all down

Ok.... I'm going to document everything I'm feeling my body doing. That way if it does something unexpected again, I can look back and maybe get a better idea. If it all ends up being nothing, that's fine too... just want to obsess a little ;)

For starters.. I'm on cd3. First day of AF was medium, these last 2 days have been SUPER heavy. Heavier than my provera induced AF which is usually heavier than normal AF.

I've been feeling some pin prick type of pains on my right ovary since yesterday cd2. Other than that though, no aches, but do have that sense of bloat in my lower abdomen area.

Boobs have remained sore since they first started to get sore last cycle. It's not all the time that I notice it. Usually right after I take my bra off, or if DH/DD grabs or presses them.

Hmm, I think that's it for now. I may start OPKs even sooner this time just to be sure. Maybe cd6.
We'll see.

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