Thursday, April 10, 2014


Haven't picked up Zoe yet even though my exam was done an hour ago. SHHHHH lol
I'm about to go. I was just waiting for my new prescip of metformin to be filled.

No clomid or femara yet.
My doc upped my metformin dose to 2000 a day and she wants me to wait about 4-6w to see what it does.
I'm cool with that. Hopefully it will help to make this weight loss a bit less frustrating which in turn will help me ovulate on my own.

If I still feel like I need help though, I'm to call in and ask for it and she's gonna give me femara. ONly at 2.5mg dose to start with though which is a bit disappointing. BUt hopefully by then, maybe that would be all I needed.
It sounded like she's willing to go up to 5 eventually but whatever.
Hoping I won't need anything though.

Anyway, I'm excited to start on the higher dose of met. Hopefully it won't cause any kind of stomach issues though. I'm finally at a point to where my current dose doesn't bother me at all. We'll see though.

And yep, have my next annual already scheduled. They're finally up to date on their pap smear exam thing. Only have to do that every 3 years. I don't see what the big deal is. I still have to have a breast exam and the internal thing... add a pap to that and meh... not a big deal IMO lol.

My weight was 202 there. UGH.
It was 200.4 this morning though. WOO
So glad that our week long junk food binge eating didn't cause too much damage on the scale for too long.
Need to stop sabotaging my efforts to lose weight.
It's like, WOO, I'm almost to the 100's! Now lets go out and eat an entire container of oreos, some ice cream, cake, etc etc. :\
I need to smack my hands and tell myself NO! No Lisa! Bad girl! ;)

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