Thursday, April 3, 2014

That was fun

Concert last night was fun, but.... yeah, we've learned our lesson about standing venues.
Short people are at an extreme disadvantage at them.

We got there about an hour and a half early. Already a line waiting to get in so we go to the back.
NOPE, DH texts his coworker who is there but at this bar/grill place right next to it.
That place was pretty nice. Had this faux beach volleyball thing outside w/ a bunch of other games people could play while they got drunk and ate.
Great for college kids and workers who still wish they were in college pretty much.

Anyway, so doors open at 7, we didn't get up to go there until 7:20 and yep, all the prime real estate was taken. We figured, oh, we can just hang out in the back near the sound guy. PFFFT wrong move.
I could only get glimpses of the stage the entire night. Nevermind that we were all packed in there like a bunch of sardines and I couldn't even raise my arms without feeling like I was molesting someone lol.
I don't get tall people at these things. You know you're tall. I'm not saying to stand in the back, but be conscious of the short people around you and make sure you don't park yourself RIGHT in front of one like I had happen to me a dozen times. You're not transparent and we don't want to watch your back the entire night!
Thankfully we were in a high traffic area (ppl heading to the bathroom) so a lot of them would move.

But other than that, it was fun and the bands were great.
If we ever go there again though.... our asses are staying in that line and we're getting us a better spot!

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