Monday, April 28, 2014

Counting down the days

Just counting down the days until this weekend and then this week.

Looks like I may be having my period during the conert. Oh frickin JOY. :\
Seriously body?? WTF you sadistic bitch???
The spotting has gotten a little heavier. I wouldn't call it a flow just yet, but it's def not just spotting any longer.
I'm on cd25, so this could be building up to AF. Would explain some headaches I've been getting.
And I guess it's promising that I am getting AF on my own but I wish this spotting shit would stop and damn do I wish I would ovulate already!

I haven't spotted like this in a long time so... *shrugs* Hoping it's a good sign that the metformin is helping to regulate my body.
I'll just have to run out and buy some tampons if AF does show.
Yuck..... I can't even imagine changing a tampon in a port a potty.... *barf* Going to have to make sure to bring along a lot of baby wipes too or something.

But yeah, annoyance aside... I'm hesitantly optimistic that my body may be regulating. We'll see though. I'm sure the exercising will help too.

OMG kids are so gross.
DH was out back pressure washing the fence. Zoe was out there playing around and I was inside.
All of a sudden DH calls me out and tells me, "Yep, that's what you think it is."
I look down and Zoe has poo streaked all on her arms and all on her hands.
The dogs laid a fresh one out and she went right to it and started playing with it *BARF*

The day before, she was in her crib and I heard her talking. She quieted back down so I thought she had gone back to sleep.
About 30min later I hear her talking again so decide to go get her up.
Open the door and the girl had pulled the dirty diaper bin to the bed and was pulling out all of the dirty urine poop diapers in to her crib.
She got stripped, bed got stripped and she went right in to the bath. Yuck!

The girl is gross!! lol

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