Saturday, April 26, 2014


Twas a false alarm. No +OPK.
No chance for us yet. Booooo
And not going to waste anymore HPTs for now heh.
Not until I get bored again and want to obsess over nothing :P

Well.... at least now I know not to test so early in the morning. Just save it for late morning/afternoon pee.

I'm spotting some again now too. *shrugs* Nothing would shock me at this point.... nothing other than.. what my body should be doing that is.

Really quick before I head to bed...

Went to Kohls after dinner and I tried on a few shorts... man.... shorts are just not for me.
The flubber on my legs is just.... no. SO glad for capri shorts.

Got a tank top and a couple of bras. Never realized just how badly I needed to replace some old bras until I tried on some new ones.
I didn't think anything was wrong w/ the bra I had on other than it being a bit too loose. Then I tried on proper fitting bras and then put the old one back on.... like night and day ROFL.
It's going to be a slow process replacing old bras though. Good ones are just so damn expensive.

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