Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I dunno

Noticed just a little more EWCM but not much since.
AND the spotting actually hasn't stopped. It's very very very light and not always there when I use the bathroom which is why I thought that it had actually stopped.
Oh well. Annoying that it's happening but at least it's not heavy.


Zoe is doing well. We bought her some new used PJs and summer shoes. All of her pjs are for cold weather so that wasn't going to work with it warming up.

She's growing up so fast and becoming little miss independent (when she wants to be).
NO is her favorite word.
She LOVES dancing and singing (I'll have to get video of her doing it).
She can count to 10 :D Well... we say 1, she'll say 2, us 3, her 4, etc. I have NO idea where she learned that though b/c we didn't teach her. She just started doing it.
She also tries to sing her ABCs but her speech still isn't all that clear so it comes out as a jumble of gibberish with a letter thrown in here and there heh.

We bought her a $10 plastic kiddie pool and filled it with play sand. She seems to enjoy it. She doesn't like getting in to it yet, but she likes shoveling the sand around.

Her eating is still all over the place. Some days she'll have a big appetite, but most days are her being super picky and not wanting to eat anything.
I can def relate to those moms that say that they're just happy if their child eats something, no matter what it is.

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