Sunday, April 20, 2014

Random Sunday

Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday. I'll have fun going to the grocery store tomorrow trying not to buy all of the discount Easter candy :P lol
I may break down and buy a couple Reeses eggs but that would be it *nodnod*

Things are ok here. No church for us. DH is at work and I'm just not a church person. I took Zoe to MiL's church easter hunt function yesterday so that's good enough for me.
Zoe seemed to have fun.
She's such a cautious child. It takes her a few minutes to assess the situation but once she deems it ok, she opens up.
We also had DH's friend's boy's 2nd birthday party yesterday too. Zoe LOVED that. She got to play with all of his toys and loved all of the attention she got from everyone lol.
Their little boy is absolutely adorable and so smart! And he's HUGE! Probably helps that both parents are pretty tall. He's def going to inherit that trait.

Zoe is doing well. She has slimmed up SO much. I know it's b/c she doesn't eat like she used to. I don't think she's lost weight but not sure if she's gaining like she should either.
She's just so interested in running around and playing, eating is near the bottom of her list heh.
We always have something out for her to graze on though. Just wish she ate a little more.

Whole lot of nothing going on in the ladybits department.
No ovulation detected at all. Can't say I'm shocked, but it's still extremely disappointing.

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