Friday, April 25, 2014

Wasting time...

Took 2 more hpts (seriously, I have a ton of them)... and a big fat nothing. Of course my line-o-vision wants to see something, but there isn't anything on them.

I do think my OPKs are getting darker though. They've been very slowly getting darker and I'm really hoping it means I'll ovulate. They're still not super dark or anything so it's probably just my body being all wonky.

OOO We're going to a local fair this weekend. It's literally right down the road from us. We've never been to it before though. Either DH would have to work or we would just totally forget about it.
We're going this time though. It's free and we want some bad fair food lol.
Well, that's if my stomach stops flipflopping.
I'm sure Zoe will love all of the sights and sounds.

We're wanting to go to the beach this year. DH has a week off in may. There's a house that we usually rent from family. It's about a block if that much away from the beach, BUT his week off is right before a busy weekend so we may not be able to get the place.
We'll see what happens.
We were talking about eventually buying a small camper.
We really liked the look of " 2014 Little Guy T@G TT MAX" campers, but holy crap are they expensive.
Yeah, so that's not going to happen lol... not unless we win the lottery or find a used one for super cheap.


Just a couple :D
We bought a new card for the camera finally so I took some photos and vid yesterday.

Zoe smiling for the camera...
That's her new favorite thing to do now if the shirt is large enough.

Notice the lovely gnaw marks on the crib railing...
OH, and along w/ the shirt... she pulled out the insert from her diaper and threw it on to the floor.... AFTER she had peed and pooped. bleh

Dumb as a rock dog Kiwi. She's super sweet, but SO annoying and just straight up stupid.

Spoiled rotten Cid snoozing on our rotten back porch.
He's looking so old. He's only 6? 7? Well, I guess that's oldish for a dog, but Kiwi is I think 11 or 12 and she looks much younger than him.

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