Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All alone

Zoe's with granny. Dropped her off a little bit ago.
Damn... I did NOT expect to still feel like this when Zoe isn't here.
Figured it would be like this at first of course, but I still do NOT like it when Zoe isn't with me.

Oh I forgot to mention that Zoe fell off the side of the couch the other day. DH was sitting up there with her and it was the same scene as the bed. He looked away for a moment, I look over and see her little legs going over and tell him to catch her.
He ALMOST got to her but down she went.
Shorter fall, but she bonked her head on one of her wooden toys. She has this red line where she hit it between her eyes. Poor baby.

Concert tonight :D We're going to see Weezer. It's a stand only venue and not even sure where it is. Oh well.... DH is super excited. They're his fav and they don't come here often so... I'll suffer through it for him hehe.

Then we have the big 2 days one in May. Carolina Rebellion WOO!
And then another in August? That one is Linkin Park and 30sec to Mars.

Hopefully I'll be pregnant for one of those :\
By the looks of it... I'll be lucky if I've even ovulated.

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