Friday, April 25, 2014

What the heck am I smoking

Took an HPT this morning.
I blame DH :P lol
Was still feeling terrible when he got home and he jokingly asked if I was pregnant and of course that got the wheels turning in my head.
OMG what if the spotting was implantation, what if what I'm feeling now is extremely early pregnancy stuff, what if what if what if.

Dunno what I'm smoking to have even thought it was a possibility, but I did. Oh welp.
I have a ton of wondfo HPTs just waiting for their chance to be used... and damnit... one of these days.... one of these days.....

Feeling a little better today. Stomach is still feeling wonky and I can feel a headache that may start up. It's better than yesterday though.
Oh and no noticeable spotting yesterday, so guess that has stopped.

I'll probably take a few more HPTs over the next few days just to obsess over something lol. Of course I'll report back if anything fishy comes up :) heh

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