Saturday, April 26, 2014


Here are the tests that I took when we got home...

They're dried but I wanted to show that there was a line on at least one of the HPTs (the bottom one right above the opk).
I tried messing w/ the brightness and contrast a bit to get it a little more visible. Hopefully that worked lol
I dunno, I just always feel like I need to prove that there was actually something there b/c I feel like there are people out there that think ppl like me just make things up or imagine it, ya know?
Not saying anyone that bothers to read my blog is like that though :P heh

And here are some photos from today at the country fair. It was ok. Nice weather, not too hot. Still a little too much sun though but not that bad :D
We didn't bother with rides. Zoe is still young enough that we don't have to worry about wasting... I mean, spending money on that just yet hehe

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