Friday, April 4, 2014

Well that wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done

So I'm trying to fix up this big cardboard box for Zoe. Needed to get some tape so got her ready, grabbed my purse, saw that my keys weren't in them so I grabbed them...... well this is where things went wrong.
I THOUGHT I had put my keys in to my purse.
So out the door we go. We have 2 locks on the door. One on the door knob and a deadbolt. You have to press in the button on the doorknob from the inside to lock it and it's what I always do.
So I do that, close the door behind us. Head to the car.... look for my keys to unlock the door... and...... Holy crap I just locked us out of the house.

I could've gotten back in if I had REALLY wanted to by bending out one of the screens from a window, but I didn't.
DH would be home in about an hour and a half and it was nice out so Zoe and I spent some time messing around in the backyard :)

But man... did I feel stupid. Thank goodness it didn't happen earlier (like early morning) when I usually go to the stores during the week (to avoid larger crowds).

Good times :P

Zoe is sick. It's not super bad or anything. Sounds like chest congestion. She coughs every once in a while and it's very mucousy sounding.
She's not running a fever or anything though and her nose isn't stuffed up or anything.

My period started. WTF??
Thought it may have just been typical PCOS anov cycle spotting but NOPE, it is full on AF.
So.. it means the last cycle was only 21 days long.
Again... WTF??
I have not missed a day OPKing since I started on cd8 so I know I didn't ovulate, at least according to the OPKs I didn't.

Whatever. This ticks me off though. I'll be cd7 on my appointment and well.. that would be too late to start clomid or femara if I can get a prescription.
Hell, I'll probably have to reschedule if this period lasts as long as they usually do.


Shari said...

I remember having a very short cycle and the next one I ended up pregnant with Athena :)

LisaL said...

That's awesome Shari :)
I can only keep my FX that that will happen to us too heh.

I remember w/ my last chemical, the "cycle" after it was only 17 days long. Then the next cycle is when I got pregnant with Zoe.