Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some days.....

Just got back from picking up some meds for the cat.
Now to get to the pharmacy, you have to turn down this road that leads to a 4 way intersection that is a 3 way stop. Meaning the incoming traffic from the main road has the right of way and doesn't have a stop while the other 3 ways does.
Well, I turn down that road and I'm coming up on to the intersection. I have right of way, don't see anyone around so keep going to make a left hand turn when out of F-ing nowhere this car completely runs the stop sign at about 40-50mph and almost hits me (the speed limit down these roads is 25 fyi). I slam on my brakes and they swerve like crazy to keep from hitting me.
It would've been a seriously bad accident with probably myself seriously injured... and Zoe was in the car with me.
Hopefully her car seat would've protected her but with how fast they were going... there's no telling.
If I had been going just a little faster, they would have hit the side of the car.
Makes me so upset just thinking about it.
Upset and royally fucking pissed off.

I really wish there weren't so many stupid ass drivers on the road.
People like that idiot that was either not paying attention or don't think the rules apply to them, so they do whatever the hell they want and endanger the other drivers around them.

So a big FUCK YOU to all the bad drivers out there and I hope your fucking legs and arms fall off so you can never drive again.

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