Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We're just so ready for another

I can see it on DH's face whenever he looks at Zoe.
Watching Zoe grow and how much she's changing now... I can see that he wants another baby.
And so do I. Hell, I wanted another as soon as Zoe was born ;) lol
I know we both wonder what the next one will look like. Will it look like Zoe? Or will he/she look totally different? What kind of personality will they have?
We want more. We're greedy and we want more.

8 months. It's not all going to be perfect. There will be cheats. There will be days that I make excuses not to exercise, but I am committed. I am ready.
I was before, but I just didn't want to do the work, but now I finally see that I MUST do it in order to be in charge of my health.
We're not lucky enough to be fertile. We actually have to work and fight for it and damnit, I'm ready.

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