Thursday, April 17, 2014


So Zoe follows me in to the bathroom. It's easier that way. If I close the door on her, she starts banging on it and crying like she's never going to see me again. Plus if she's in the bathroom, I know what she's getting in to :P

She pulled out some old FRER FSH tests that I had stashed under the sink that I forgot about.
Just took one for the hell of it. It's almost a year past expired but meh, whatever lol. Not like it's a HPT.
It's almost the 30mins you have to wait to read the results and... looks like my reading is normal so far.... that's if you want to trust an expired test :P lol
WTH is this supposed to tell you anyway? Looks like a whole lot of frickin nothing. Just another test for FRER to make money off of from desperate women.

OPKs are still negative. Thought the one today was going to be darker, and it kind of is but it's still WAY negative. Shocker :\

Some good news... I did see 199.8 this morning on the scale for a second!!
I weighed first w/ clothes on. Saw that it was something like 200.6. Thought maybe I could see 100's if I took my shirt and shorts off, and BAM 199.8!! WOO!
I rushed to grab the camera, came back and.... 200.4. WTF??
Stupid scale.
But still.. I saw that 100 and I will see it again! Oh yes... I will....

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