Saturday, April 26, 2014

TMI incoming, and ranting!

Ok so DH told me last night that when we DTD on Wed night, he thought it felt different. He said it felt smoother?
I know it wasn't b/c I was exactly turned on though. Boy that's terrible to say lol, but I was already feeling sick at that point but was determined to BD anyway.
So, yeah, I'm hoping this means that there was ewcm in there and that by some PCOS miracle, I did actually ovulate.
We'll see I guess.

Hmm, ok, I just took an HPT and OPK this morning and the OPK is so dark!! Not positive but close!
This is with 2nd morning urine though so.... we'll see what it shows at around 1 I guess.

Photo makes it look a little lighter, but still, that's the darkest it's been since well... since I was in early pregnancy with Zoe and still testing just to see everything get darker lol. Looking at photos it looks like 12-13dpo OPKs.

I also included the hpt for the hell of it. My line-o-vision is such a tease. I'm certain there isn't anything on it but my eyes still want there to be something.

But WOOT! Come on body! Keep going!! Please don't fail me now :D
Even if we don't fall pregnant, just to have the opportunity would be amazing.

And a rant.... just a small one but still one that royally ticks me off.

My brother and his wife.... Their lack of parenting is starting to irk me. Yes yes, every parent does things differently and that's fine, but when your 10yo and 7yo don't wipe or flush after they pee (in public too I might add).... there is something really F-ing wrong with that.
Now not flushing pee at home, that's fine, but COME ON with the wiping!!!!
That is just DISGUSTING.

I could forgive it if it was just an every once in a while thing b/c they're kids, but I know they don't ever do it, probably unless they have pooped.

And then their poor baby. They brought him over, then we saw them again at the older sister's recital, both times he WREAKS of cig smoke.Now if it was just them smoking somewhere else and then picking him up after, whatever. I still think that's bad, but it's not as bad as smoking w/ him right there, which I know they do b/c they did it with their other 2 and they smoke in their house.... with no windows open.

Just ugh ugh ugh.

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