Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nothin much

CD12 and a whole lot of nothing is going on with my OPKs.
Shocker I know :\

So many women are getting their BFPs now though. Happy for them, but... still reminds me of how broken my body is. Just wish there was an easy QUICK fix to it. I really do think losing weight would help, but good lord it's difficult.
Now sure, I haven't been too strict recently, but I've been pretty darn good for the majority of the time. Should think that would help with something.

Anyway... it is what it is I guess. I need to be patient and give this new dose of metformin a chance to do its thing.
I can report some good news. Absolutely zero side effects from the new met dose. No stomach problems at all. WOO :)

My sleep has been HORRIBLE lately. I actually slept well a couple nights ago, but the next day felt so totally drained that I needed to take a nap. It was a very light nap and for only 30mins but it was nice.
And then last night.. ugh. I couldn't get in to that deep restful sleep until around 4am. Keep in mind that I was in bed at 10pm. So I was tossing and turning all night long.
Feeling ok now. Zoe is down for her 2nd nap and I'm going to try to stay up so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight.

Has the main stream media just completely brainwashed people in to automatically blaming pit bulls for every single dog attack?

I ask b/c we went to the vet yesterday for a checkup on our cat.

We were in the waiting room and this woman had a small dog w/ a healing LARGE bite wound on its side. She was talking to the woman beside her about what happened.
This is mostly what she said.

"He was bitten by a pit bull, no no I mean a German Shepherd. They're fine together most of the time, but they fight every once in a while. The vet just told me that dogs will be dogs."

Wait.... WHAT??? SO wht I gathered from her comment was that the other dog was either hers, or one she comes in to contact with a lot. How the hell can you mistake a German Shepherd for a pit bull??? It just amazed me that her brain instantly went to pit bull even though she knew it wasn't. WTF?

I just get so upset over people making pit bulls out to be devil spawn. They are big powerful dogs. That's how they were bred. But they are NOT automatically mean dogs.
Dh's family had a pit bull mix. Super sweet gentle dog. Had a friend that had 2 pure bred pit bulls. They were super hyper but super sweet. They even raised pet rabbits in their yard that the dogs never bothered.
Why? B/c they were good dog owners.

Stop blaming the breed and start blaming ignorant or just stupid ass owners that don't know how to raise their dog right.

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