Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So I went to the bathroom a little bit ago and wiped away what appeared to be A LOT of EWCM.
We did DTD last night though so I'm not entirely positive that it was ewcm and not just leftover from BDing.

It looked like EWCM though and I've used the bathroom multiple times which usually ends up pushing everything out so.... yeah.

Just checked and it looks like cm that I normally have. Opaque and lotiony, but there's a little bit of ewcm type of stuff there too.

Never had BDing 'leftovers' last this long so... who knows.
OPKs are still negative though so... I don't know.

Sigh.... I can hope... and will def attack DH when he gets home just in case. Maybe I'm one of the unlucky 'OPKs don't work for PCOS' women.
Or more than likely this is just a false alarm that won't amount to anything.

Just used the bathroom again not too long ago and there was still some there. I don't think it's semen. I've never noticed it this long after DTD and def didn't confuse it with EWCM before.
It's probably just my body doing something weird again but we're still going to BD just in case :P

Oh and I forgot to mention that the spotting seems to have stopped. Wonder what that was about. Maybe a small cyst rupturing or something?

EDIT #2:
Damn, just remembered that DH has his guy's night tonight. And with Zoe going to bed at 7, that means we won't get to BD before he leaves. He comes home kind of late too but oh well, he better be ready for it!

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