Monday, March 31, 2014

Beware! Ranting F-bombs ahead!!!

UGH, a certain post has just royally pissed me off.

It's on PCOS forum and this woman found out she was pregnant. WOO for her! But she started cramping and having light old blood spotting so queue the freak out. She gets a beta and progesterone checked. Beta comes back awesome, but progesterone is a little low (not super but a little lower than normal range). So people are telling her she needs to demand from her doctor a script for progest. It's not going to hurt anything to take it.

Now the post that pissed me off didn't mean for it to come off as anything but supportive but I just want to shake this heifer.

Her post basically says that the OP should calm down and trust her body. If she can't get the progest, then she should trust that her body knows what to do b/c women have been having babies for forever!

Really bitch... really????
YOU have PCOS. YOU know that our bodies do NOT fucking do what they're supposed to fucking do!!! And you're going to say that bullshit???

Nevermind that the OP and hell, pretty much every single woman on that site that has ever been pregnant has had at least one m/c (early or late).
And don't get me started on the countless number of women still trying to get pregnant with their first. But I guess they should just calm down and let their bodies do what comes natural right?? Right???

Again, she wasn't trying to be mean AT ALL and was trying to be helpful, but telling women with PCOS that we should trust our fucked up bodies to do what they're meant to do is just plain old FUCKED UP.

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