Saturday, March 30, 2013

News and other stuff...

So I got a call from SiL (brother's wife) yesterday telling me she is pregnant.
SHOCK! lol
Well, kind of a shock but also, not really.
Not really because.... when she loses weight, which she has been, she gets pregnant. And TADA, she got pregnant. Shock b/c well... her kids are 9 and almost 7 and she really didn't want another.
Which is kinda dumb since she knows she gets pregnant when she loses weight (that's how her other 2 were conceived) AND they weren't using protection. DER... I wonder what's gonna happen??

Anyway, other than that, I'm happy for them.
Yes, I am a little jealous, not going to lie, but it's not that all consuming hopeless jealousy that I would've had before having Zoe. I'm so glad it's not like that.

After we had Zoe, my brother REALLY wanted to have another baby and welp, he got his wish heh. It will be great that Zoe gets another cousin close to her age :D
And hopefully, I'll be pregnant later this year so that will add in another one to grow up with the rest. Good times *nodnod*
So yeah, there's that.

Diet has gone to hell this weekend! lol
With Easter, and multiple family get togethers. Yeah, there is no point in even pretending that sticking to a diet is going to happen this weekend. I'm fine with that so long as I don't gain back weight. We'll see though.

We went strawberry picking today! YAY!
It's still early in the season and there was a cold front that screwed up ripening, but we still got 2 gallons of strawberries.

Here are some photos

I would've been the one to carry Zoe, but I had a bad back and welp, after we were done, so did DH :D hehe

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lisabttc said...

Ooh fun, strawberry picking! Yummy! They look delicious!

I know what you mean, holidays make it nearly impossible to eat healthy!! I've been munching on Reese's peanut butter eggs and cupcakes, LOL. I didn't have a sweet tooth this whole time, but now - whoa! Not good. LOL.

I'm glad their pregnancy isn't so hard on you. It's true - something like that prior to having Zoe probably would have been a lot harder. I'm praying you have another little one soon to add to the fun!!! :-D