Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ouch my shoulders!!

With all of that flinging around I do playing that game, my shoulders are getting sore as crap right now!
Hopefully I'm not pulling anything and actually working something out rofl.
I do work up a good sweat playing and my thighs and calf muscles start to get that burn sensation when I actually remember to move around :P rofl

Tomorrow I'll be doing some strength stuff. Think I need to buy some heavier weights. Right now, I only have tiny little 3lb ones hehe. I have the kettlebells still, and DH has his big clunky weights, but I'd prefer to get my own. Was going to go to Target this morning but w/ the rough start I had... may go tomorrow and see what they have along with picking up a popsicle mold.

Saw a great idea on The Doctors, where they mixed together a bunch of fruit w/ some yogurt and then froze it to make popsicles. I may need to do something else since yogurt has an ass load of frickin carbs in it. Nevermind adding in fruit to it too. SIGH! Just can't frickin win! lol
At least I can't do it right now, not while my body is HOPEFULLY transitioning to burning fat. Grrr, it better be!

I'm so tired of looking like I'm 6m pregnant!!! It's embarassing as hell :( Of course my stomach is the first place the fat goes and the last place it comes off... damnit.

Good lord, Zoe is going through outfits today like no ones business. She keeps leaking all over the place!! Peeing a ton and then pooping. The poop blocks any pee after it from absorbing so it does the only thing it can and comes out! BLEH! Every diaper change so far has been a leak.
I guess this is where disposable diaper moms come in and point and laugh at me hehe. Or at least I like to imagine there are some that would :D


ruzzel01 said...

That would be a fresh start for me!

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lisabttc said...

Ouch! I hope the pain is from working your muscles and not pulling them! You're doing great hun! I'm proud of you! Keep hanging in there.
And aww, you don't look 6 mos pregnant, I'm sure. I bet you'll start to see some improvement soon!

Oh, and those popsicles sound yummy! Maybe you could use Greek yogurt? I believe it still has carbs, but at least there's a ton of protein :-)

LisaL said...

ruzzel- Awww, I know a lot of parents have it rougher than we do.

lisa- The stuff we bought is some kind of whole milk natural crap and it seems to be nothing but carbs lol. It def doesn't have as much as greek yogurt. Will probably pick up the mold this weekend.