Monday, March 18, 2013


Threw up this afternoon.
All of a sudden, I just started feeling shitty. Nauseated feeling just kept getting worse until I finally had to just throw up.
Think it was just what I ate. Ate some left over ribs and I guess they didn't agree with me.

Of course DH joked and asked if I was pregnant. Pffft, yeah... I wish. Or well... kinda wish.
While I do want to have another one, I really do want to lose some weight first. At least get back down to my pre-preg weight.
I don't think my body is ready to have another yet anyway. Not with all of this weird bleeding and no ovulation etc.
This might be AF, but it is certainly not a normal one. Probably an anovulation one.

Did a little bit of exercise today. Not as much as I should have though.

Zoe seems to have gotten her appetite back.

She's also been falling asleep on her tummy now :D
Last night she started fussing so I got up to check, and she was sleeping on her stomach.
And this afternoon... checked on her while she was napping and again, on her stomach sleeping.
She is growing up so fast.

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