Friday, March 22, 2013


How much water can a body retain??
I started low carbing it seriously on Wed... today, I'm down 5 pounds already!!
I know probably all of that is water weight, but it still boggles the mind.
Where the hell was my body storing 5 POUNDS of water? Geeze...

Diet is going well although I wish to stop eating so many eggs. First couple of days, the eggs weren't bothering me, but history tells me that the eggs are going to cause problems very soon.
I just can't tolerate them for a long period of time I guess and well.... eggs mixed with metformin becomes an... ahem... explosive situation.

DH wants us to make some beef jerky. We made some before, a HUGE hunk of meat only made a little bit of jerky and we ate it all in like, a day and a half lol. And that meat is not frickin cheap either!
We'll see.

I've been planning on going to the store since Wed, but pfft, laziness is getting the better of me. It's nothing that can't wait to be bought anyway so really in no hurry. I just don't feel like getting dressed and going out.
Still need to get that popsicle mold.
OOO the strawberry farm is open, or well, kinda open. They won't be this weekend due to weather, so yeah. Can't wait and then go get some fresh strawberries to add in to whatever kind of popsicles we make.
OOOOOO we could even make pudding pops too!! Sugar free of course, but still, how awesome would that be??

Zoe keeps waking up around 4-5am. It's technically sttn still, but wish she would stop! LOL.
I've just said screw it and been giving her a bottle. She chugs it down so she is obviously hungry and she goes right back to sleep usually and sleeps in until 8 now. WOO! So ya know what.... SUCK IT doctor!! I am feeding her so I can get back to sleep after and sleep in until 8!
Feeding her then does pose a problem though. She pees like crazy and has been leaking through her diaper.
Small price to pay I say :P lol

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Shari said...

This is random, but you posted about beef jerky and then I had an instant craving for a place that has awesome beef jerky. I just looked them up to see if I could order