Friday, March 15, 2013

Any day now

It's not AF, but it is slowly getting heavier so it might be pre-AF. Not sure but it's so frustrating! lol
Other than wanting to start a new fertility treatment cycle, I don't think I've ever wanted AF more.
Just turn to a proper flow already!!! Grrrr


Man, Zoe has been resisting naps ALL day today. I just don't understand that about babies. Why do they resist going to sleep??

"Oh I'm so tired!!! Let me cry and scream about it instead of actually going to sleep!!"


Of course they don't have that reasoning but still :P heh

Rant moment.

My brother and his wife are really ticking me off.
They REALLY need to stop f-ing smoking already or at the very least stop smoking around their kids.
Totally get how hard it is to stop, but they are totally selfish with it. They ALWAYS smoke around their 2 girls, and b/c of that, I swear, I don't remember a time when their 2 daughters weren't coughing all the time. Their house and cars stink to high heaven b/c of the smoking. Whenever they come over to visit. After they leave, Zoe smells like she's been rolling around an ashtray. And that's just from them holding her!

Anywho... what brought on this rant... I guess their oldest girl was showing other signs of being sick, so they took her to the doctor, and her mom totally lied to the doctor and said she only had a cough for about a month.
Uhm... WHAT???
I'm not sure if it's just total denial or if she was too ashamed/embarassed to admit that her daughter coughs ALL THE DAMN TIME for years now.
And the bad thing is, I'm sure the doctor could clearly smell the smoke on them both.

I'm seriously shocked that neither niece has asthma. Oh their mom does (she uses her inhaler as she puffs on her cigs) though.

UUUUUUUUUUUUGH it's just so aggrivating. They're not bad people, but this...

DH's sis smokes too, but she at least has enough sense not to do it inside the home and not to do it while driving w/ LO in the car.

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