Wednesday, March 20, 2013


First up...
Zoe woke up at 12:30 last night and didn't go back to sleep until almost 2!! UUUUUUGH
I was more than willing to allow her to cry until she fell asleep, but DH broke down and gave her a bottle.
I'm fine with that, hell, I would've given her one a lot sooner if it was only up to me.
What pisses me off is that, I had gotten up to soothe her. While I'm putting her back in her crib, DH comes in and gives her the bottle. That's fine, but THEN, he turns around and leaves.
I'm like WTF??
He says what.. and I say, you better fucking stay up until she's done.
I mean seriously?? Did he expect her to crawl out of her crib to put her bottle away by herself or something?? No... He just expected ME to F-ing stay up with her while she finished.
Good lord that pissed me off so much.

Anyway, she went to sleep right after. The only reason I was willing to let her cry longer was because DH is the one that wanted to do CC. Now CC does work, but it's not going to work quickly every damn time which I guess DH thought it would. So yeah, next time he even makes a peep about me 'giving in' and just giving her a bottle, I'm gonna shove last night ALL up in his face :P lol

I hate starting a new diet.
While this one isn't new, it's still restrictive and damnit if that doesn't always make you hungrier!!

Can't have a lot of carbs? Of course you start craving like crazy for some!!!

While I'm really not craving carbs, I am REALLY f-ing hungry. I made myself some egg drop soup this morning which was DELICIOUS. Hoping that the eggs don't bother my stomach.
Not sure what I'll have for lunch. Don't think we actually have anything other than... more eggs :\
Going to have to take a trip to the store and find something easy for lunches.

Debating how carb restrictive I want to be. I know I need to be pretty low, but how low to kick start weight loss I'm not sure.
Def will be skipping on the rice I'm fixing tonight. Just go for an extra large salad or something.

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