Monday, March 25, 2013

Grr, stop rolling over!!

Yes, that title is for Zoe!!
She rolls over in her crib and for whatever reason 'forgets' how to roll back over! I dunno if she doesn't want to b/c she doesn't want to bonk her head or if she does actually forget.
It's frustrating though b/c she'll sometimes fall asleep on her tummy but will then wake up totally upset that she's on her stomach. SIGH!
She did that tonight unfortunatly, and 10min ago, just went back to sleep.
Thankfully I was up posting my food and dicking around on the web though so not like I was trying to sleep.
She better sleep nice and long tomorrow!

I'm retaining water again. WTF?? Is it b/c of the 2 cheat weekend? Is it b/c I didn't exercise? Maybe something to do w/ how tired I was today?
Who the hell knows, but I'm back up THREE pounds.
Ok, I need to stop using up the juice in the already dying battery.
Weigh in once a week, every other week or just do it monthly. Monthly would probably be the best option since weight does fluctuate a lot. Think it's time to hide the scale in the closet. *nodnod*

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