Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Decent day...

Getting myself pumped up to lose weight and so far so good.
I'm a big hungry, but I know that feeling will pass in a few days. It's always like this at first. Think I read it's your body going in to fat burning mode. It was using carbs before and now that I'm low carbing it properly... it has to use the fat for energy so yep... just gotta wait for my body to adjust.

I played Just Dance 3 some today. That game is really fun but thank goodness I can do it alone... and Zoe is too young to laugh at me :P lol
I feel like such a spaz playing that game. The music so far is pretty fun to dance to. Sure it's a little old, but meh... I really don't keep up too much with music though... hell, not even the kind I like.

For now, I'm mostly working on my arms with the arm. Flinging them around and such. I'm just SO not coordinated.

Pretty sure joining sparkpeople is what got me so motivated suddenly. When I put in all of my stats, it said I could potentially reach my goal in November!! For some reason that just blew me away that I could possibly be at my goal weight by the end of the year. Sure that is a lot of months but really not that long to lose the amount that I want.
It just gave me hope that it COULD possibly happen.

So yeah.... going to focus right now on losing this weight. Get my body to start getting regular cycles, and then hopefully, maybe by the end of summer or in the fall, we'll be ttc #2 or actually pregnant with #2. I'm kinda debating with myself if I should focus on losing weight first.
I knw that losing weight will have huge benefits whenever I get pregnant with #2, but of course the infertile part of me just wants it to happen ASAP b/c I'm afraid of it not happening at all or taking a long time again.

Anywho, enough about all that..

Zoe has been doing this weird thing in her jumperoo. She'll bring up her legs and will put her arms in the air. It's frickin HILARIOUS b/c some of the poses she goes in to makes her look like a little Superman :P lol

Thankfully I got a shot of it! hehe It looks more like she's about to bust out some martial arts though :D

I was trying to get a photo of her pulling her bib over her face b/c she was getting sleepy, but she hams it up for the camera heh.

And yesterday, she once again fell asleep in her high chair. Poor girl was pooped!

She woke up right after though ehehe

It still amazes me that we had her. Was changing her and just had that overwhelming AWE feeling. :)

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lisabttc said...

Good luck, Lisa! You can do it! FX! Dancing is a really fun way to lose weight!
That's exciting to think you could reach your goal this year! I know what you mean, it must be so tempting to start TTC before then. I am never a patient person, so I wouldn't wait lol. :-)
Love the Zoe pics!!