Monday, March 18, 2013


After the rough day I had yesterday, I just woke up at almost 9am!! AWESOME!!!
I did have to get up with her at 5:30. Gave her some formula in hopes that she would go back to sleep after (which she did for the most part)... and woot! Slept in until 9! OMG YES!

Yesterday was F-ing TERRIBLE though.
I think I was having caffeine withdrawal. I've been craving Dr. Pepper like crazy so I've been buying it (diet of course). And well, it's not decaff.
Yesterday was the 2nd day I hadn't had any and lemme tell ya... the headache I had was terrible.
It was mild at first, then turned in to this just overall shit feeling.
Then at around 8pm, it started getting really bad. I took some tylenol, then eventually some ibuprofin. I don't get migranes and this wasn't, but bad headaches usually make me nauseated. Add in metformin I take right before bed and I almost threw up quite a few times.

Was terrible yesterday, but I feel better today. Suspringly, I'm still tired right now though. WTF?

OMG it was so cute and so sad yesterday.
We haven't gotten Zoe on the new day light schedule so she's wanting to nap at 4pm which is too close to her bedtime.
Well, she was going to nap whether if we liked it or not!!
She does this thing when she's trying to sleep where she'll pull her blanket over her head.

YEsterday at 4, when we were trying to keep her awake. She was in her jumperoo. She started to pull her bib over her face b/c she was tired and was trying to go to sleep.
She actually did fall asleep once. Poor girl. I finally stopped laughing and awwing, and let her nap for 30mins in her Rock N Play. I had to wake her up though or else she would've slept until 6.

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