Monday, March 18, 2013

Stupid F-ing DOG!!!

It's storming outside, so what does that mean?
It means our oldest dog is pacing around our damn room panting as loud as possible!!!
I would be asleep right now, but oh no, Miss Almost Deaf dog just HAD to see the lightening and then freak out.
Don't feel sorry for her b/c we've been dealing with this now for over 10 YEARS.
I can deal with it during the day. Just ignore her and turn the tv up, but when I'm trying to sleep... I want to throw her old ass out!
Obviously I didn't do that or I'd be in bed right now happily dreaming about whatever weird shit my brain comes up with and not typing all of this out.

Saw a post on FB from someone mentioning how much they hate the word moist.
I think moist and vagina are probably the 2 more hated English words.

I don't have a problem with moist... but vagina? Yeah.... that word is just... I dunno... ugly. Just not a pretty word at all.

Alrighty, enough..... time to go see if I can zonk out finally... panting loud ass dog and all. *grumble*

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