Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Water Weight

So, today is 1 week since I seriously started dieting again.
And I weighed myself.....

I'm down 6 lbs!! What???
Yep, 6lbs from when I started.
Yes, I'm sure 5lbs of that is water weight, but 1 lb weight loss.. I will take!!

Too bad weight loss can't be like this every week. Hell, I'd be at my goal in no time!! Maybe if people lost weight like this, there would be more with a success to share instead of them failing yet another diet. :(

Sigh.... losing weight sucks.
It's so easy to gain weight. All of those deliciously terrible foods that pack on the pounds. Damn you tasty food!!!!

We have termites again! :\
Our home is on a concrete slab and well... these termites are coming up from cracks in the foundation. Awesome.
Had termite guy over today to look at it all and then spray. Hopefully we caught it just in time before any more damage is done.
I'm sure this will be a contiuous battle.

Zoe is doing well. She woke up at 3am last night. UGH! Finally got her to go back to sleep just before 4am. She wanted that formula though and woke back up just after 5. She went back to sleep after getting a bottle so whatever.
Just hope she doesn't wake up tonight! Sleep girl! lol

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lisabttc said...

Yay weight loss!! Even if it's mostly water weight, that's a good start. Keeping my FX for continued good results! I know it's so hard! You're doing good though!

Booo termites :-( Ugh, what a pain!!!

I hope Zoe is sleeping peacefully for you right now! :-)