Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rough start :(

I dunno what the hell my problem was last night but I could not get to sleep for anything.
I went and laid down at 9:40. Zoe started fussing at 10:40, by 11 she was asleep. Then, my dog had an upset stomach and kept wanting to go out, so I let him out at midnight.
I tossed and turned and the last time I looked at the clock, it was almost 1 frickin AM!
THEN! At 3, I wake up, the same dog is wanting out again so of course not wanting to have to get poo out of carpet, I got up and let him out.
THEN, Zoe wakes up at 4. UUUUUUUGH
I said screw it after 20mins and gave her a bottle. I think she was already falling asleep by the time I did so probably should've waited, but I was miserable by then and just wanting my body to fall asleep already.
She went to sleep right after downing her bottle and I FINALLY got to sleep. THEN I woke up when DH's alarm went off got up a couple of times to pee.
And now I'm up at 8:30. Thankfully Zoe slept in a little so I could at least get some sleep.
As I said, I do not know WTF was wrong last night. Just pure sucky insomnia.

And then just a few mins ago while changing Zoe, she kicked up and scratched the heck out of my arm with one of her toenails! LOL She actually almost drew blood too. It wasn't even a long toenail, but guess it was enough. I clipped that sucker so hopefully she can't kill me next time :P

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