Monday, March 25, 2013

Not the best but meh

Family= Fat... that's just a fact.
Whenever you get together with family, you're always going to eat crap.

They came over Saturday to use our tax return thing and then we went out for Mexican... AND we went and got ice cream after :P lol

Oh well, it was delicious and can't take it back now.
The next couple of weeks are going to be like this.
This Sunday, we're going to church for Easter and I'm sure will either have lunch and/or dinner w/ them.
And then next week, we have a wedding to go to.
So it's going to be at least 2 cheats each week.

Not sure when it is, but we also have a 1yo birthday party to go to. I think that might be in May though so at least there's some spacing out hehe.

I don't think I'm exercising today though.
I actually did get pretty decent sleep, but for some reason just woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I hate that. Going to get back to it tomorrow and kick some booty!!

Oh we did go to Target to see what kind of weights they had. Meh... I might as well just use DH's weights. They're clunky and annoying but we already have them so don't have to spend extra $$ on anything.

I swear, every other week Zoe has a butt rash lol. As soon as I saw it getting red, I started putting oil on it again, but I guess that wasn't enough to prevent it from spreading. Poor girl just has really sensitive skin.
The eczema on her arms and legs is terrible.
It's in these small patches and they will not frickin go away!! We bought a different type of lotion that a coworker recommended. I hate the stuff. It leaves this nasty feeling film on my hands after I put it on her and it has this gross synthetic plastic smell, but if it helps then of course we'll do it.

She's good though. She is developing quite the free spirited attitude. Wants to get in to EVERYTHING as I'm sure all babies her age do lol. OMG I anticipate a lot of headaches when she starts crawling, which thankfully she hasn't figured out yet LOL.

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