Friday, March 31, 2017

Yep.. it's a cold

My nose got worse again yesterday, but it's only in my right nostril... which is strange.
It's been pumping out the snot though.
Thankfully my throat feels better. WOO for that at least.
Did feel like I was a little feverish last night at bed. I could have been, but it wasn't too bad and didn't last long.
Nostril is super snotty today and I'm starting to feel that hazy cold feeling. Overall, I don't feel completely terrible so that's good. Hopefully it stays that way and this passes quick.

Have a church egg hunt tomorrow. Bleh. The kids will enjoy it and they run it well (making sure all the kids get equal amount of eggs found and then they turn them in for stuff). My lazy ass just doesn't want to go rofl

I wanted to go around to the local martial arts places tomorrow and also the gymnastics place too. That one's office is only open from 10-noon I think and the egg hunt starts at 11 :\
We'll see what happens I guess.
But... the info that I've gotten so far from the different martial arts places... it looks like the kids will be in gymnastics. Gymnastics is expensive, but surprisingly cheaper. These martial arts places are SUPER frickin expensive. Last place I got info from.. just a small place in a strip mall. $69 for just 2 weeks!! WTH??
There's one close to DH's church that is over $200 a month! Absolutely insane.
I get that these people need to pay their bills, but... damn lol.

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