Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So DH looked at the gymnastics stuff and I think we may go ahead and put them in it. We're gonna go around one weekend to some of the local martial arts places to get info to compare prices.
That or we're gonna try going to the free gymnastics class to see if it's something we want the kids in.
It's so expensive though.
For 1 45min class a week.. it's $64 a month. Or if we want a 60min class, that's just a few dollars more at $69.
If we want 2 classes a week... 45min classes are $104 a month.
That's not including the $60 annual fee.... which thankfully is only annual, but still... GEEZE.

We want the kids in something, but damn.. whys it gotta be so expensive?? lol

DH said we can afford it, but we'd have to cut back on our grocery bill. I dunno how the hell he thinks we're going to do that. We really don't buy unnecessary items. I mean sure, some things go to waste as I'm sure they do in every home, but it's not a lot of stuff.
If red meat just didn't cost so damn much. Heck, we don't even buy beef that often b/c it's so expensive and usually only buy it if it's discounted or on a special occasion.
And then he wants to eat healthier which for us is low carb.. which means... MEAT. I don't know what the heck he's expecting us to cut back on.
It's frustrating.
We'll figure it out.... maybe.

Puppy did MUCH better last night. He did pee in front of our door this morning though. Giant long pee spot so I think he may have held it in almost all night b/c I was up a lot b/c of Ezra and it wasn't there at 4.
There was one other spot this morning, but I think he did it when I got up. Not sure though.
Not sure if there was poop too. Probably?

He's getting there though. Soon we'll have a pee and poo free house again. Well.. other than the cat's :\

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) hasn't warmed up to the pup yet. I get it.. he doesn't like the newcomer, but I wish he understood that he needs to chill the F out and just tolerate it already. So tired of him baring his teeth at the puppy and hearing his little yappy snappy barks when the pup tries to play with him.
I try to keep the pup from bothering him too much, but sometimes I just let it happen. Puppy isn't trying to be dominant or anything.. just trying to play.

Cid is still Cid and just lets the puppy jump all over him while he goes to his happy place.. far far away rofl.

Rocko is still a good puppers. He's an odd one though. I think he's in that super young pup phasing in to the more hyperactive phase. He's so chill when you pick him up. Doesn't squirm at all and is happy being loved on.

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