Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So much better!!

Grrr, stupid phone... well.. First pic up there is Zoe after she stole my nose! She gave it back to me though ;)

And here are some photos of the completed play house :D
Love this thing so much and the kids love it too. Just need to get some containers for the plant holders :)

DH is still working on the border. He glued them together but is drilling a hole and staking them in place too.

Rocko. Last night was MUCH better. We just let him roam at night. Didn't bother with the crate. Much much better. He did freak out a little when I got up at around 11:30 b/c Ezra was fussing. He whined some at our door but settled down within a minute.
Of course there was pee spots everywhere, but oh well. Nothing a carpet cleaning won't take care of.
Maybe we should invest in one of those spot cleaners. That would really help with the pee spots.
We're thinking that he's definitely some percentage of pitbull. His front area is very sturdy and just has that wide strong look that pitbulls have. Plus he has those small beady type of eyes they have too.
But what else is he mixed with? No idea.

Baby Ez chilling after his bottle. So many photos of him in the rock n play. He's getting too big for it though.
See.. he's not always in it lol. He figured out he can get around a lot more yesterday. He went all around the kitchen area. It's SO GD cute watching his little legs walk and watching him try to reach for all of the new stuff lol.

It's supposed to be hot today. UGH, but it's supposed to get cool again later in the week.. YAY :D
Finally got a reply back from the gymnastics place. It's expensive, but the schedule is at least doable. Just have to wait for DH to get home to look at the information to see if we can afford it or not.
Showed Zoe a video of some girls doing some gymnastics stuff and she got excited about it b/c she wants to do it and be a ninja lol.
Would love to put her and Oren in to it, but we'll see if we can actually afford to or not.

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