Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bye Bye Puppers!

Got the call yesterday late morning from MiL that they found the owners (neighbors that lived a few doors down). FiL picked him up when he got off of work at around 5:30.
I gave the pup a bath before handing him over. Didn't want to send him home all funky lol.
He was a good pup though. Like I said.. Oren LOVED that dog. Climbed all over him and tried laying on him and that puppy didn't even resist at all. Super duper sweet dog and I'm glad he's home now where I'm sure his people are giving him lots of love and making sure he's not going to escape again lol.
And he was indeed an American bulldog :D I thought he was mixed since his ears looked to be a little smaller, but oh well.. my mistake.

And even though I know DH will deny it.. he was sad to see the pup go too. When he got home, all he did was play with and pet the puppy.
I keep telling him that we can go adopt a pup. Lots of them out there that need a home. Sure, it won't be the corgi that I want, but I can get one of those in the far distant future. ;)
He keeps resisting though.
I even looked up pups from local shelters and there are a lot of really cute ones out there. BIG dogs or will be as big as our 2 deceased ones. But if he was willing to say yes to the puppers, then he can say yes to another big one /nodnod

There was one place that had a couple of puppies that were German Shepard mixes. SUPER cute floofy puppies. Trying to sway him towards those, or to this one cute lab looking one that was white w/ at least one ice blue eye. heh

We'll see what happens. I think having the puppy in the house and seeing how happy it made everyone opened him up to the idea of getting another one sooner rather than later.

Oren was devastated when FiL left with the pup though. He kept saying "Puppy? Puppy?" Then when FiL drove off, he broke down in to sobs. Awww :( He got over it quick, but it was still heartbreaking.

And in TMI news... bleeding stopped a few days ago! WOO!

Actually pretty shocked that it did. Was expecting it to last a lot longer since it wasn't consistent flow. Thank goodness it didn't though :D

Diet has been... HA.... bad bad bad bad bad.
BUT we're getting back on the healthy food train next week.
I'm not going to fail at this damnit. It's going to be difficult, there will be hiccups, but I'm going to lose this weight. I'm going to get healthier. And I'm going to be happy with the body I see in the mirror.

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