Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Could it be? Finally??

Bloated, a little crampy, spotting??
Could this finally be my period? Or will it be another fake out?
There's a little bit more blood than before and there's no pumping getting in the way and maybe stopping it.
So we'll see.

My breasts are still producing just a little bit of milk still, but it's nothing to write home about lol. So so glad to have avoided the engorged boobs though. SO glad. Boy did that suck before.

Anywho... really hoping this is finally my period and not just another stupid weird spotting thing that's going to stop then start then stop.

That headache I had yesterday didn't go away at all the entire day and throughout the night in to this morning. I took more tylenol this morning and that finally seemed to do the trick.

What else what else....
The other 2 kids have coughs now. Awesome. I'm sure tomorrow it will be worse. Same thing that happened to Oren.
Thankfully he's on the mend. Still has a cough but only every once in a while. His nose is still runny which is gross b/c it's all crusty and gooey.
Not looking forward to this getting worse for the other 2.

And yeah... nothing much to report on really. I'll get some more photos up later. Just feeling SUPER lazy right now. Kept waking up b/c of the headache so feeling really tired and worn out.

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