Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Interesting few days

So this happened yesterday (Monday). MiL found this big little guy outside their fence. I half joked around that she needed to text DH to tell him to pick him up.
Welp, apparently she thought I was serious. They ended up dropping him off last night.
He's a giant puppy, but super duper sweet. Very gentle, doesn't know not to jump on you, but still gentle. Just wants to play, chew and be friends with everyone... typical puppers :) Very solid too. He's bigger than Cid (that you can see on the porch). He looks like an American bulldog, but not quite. Mixed with something.... maybe that with a pitbull.
He is definitely someone's dog though. No fleas on him, looks like his nails were clipped in the past. He's funky, but not dirty and looks to have been well fed. He must have gotten out of someone's yard.
MiL really needs to go around today to ask around. Maybe even make some Found Dog posters.
Thought maybe someone dropped him off, which could be the case, but I doubt someone would take the time to clip nails, feed him good, clean him, and get rid of his fleas if they were just planning on abandoning.

Anyway.. someone has to be looking for him. We'll probably give it a week and if no one comes forward.. we might have a new doggo lol. Not the one I wanted, but he's pretty darn cute in a ugly way and Oren frickin LOVES him and the puppers is really great with the kids too. So it could be a good fit. We'll see what happens.

Oh and MiL and them aren't keeping him there b/c of their own dogs. As I've pointed out before.. they are shitty dog owners. Their dogs run their house so they're super aggressive to outside animals. Since it's so cold out right now, they can't keep the puppy outside and can't keep it in, so here he is :)

Zoe wants to name him Naruto lol.. no..

We had Oren's birthday party on Saturday. And we were the only ones to wrap his presents. I've mentioned this before.
Not surprising but still disappointing. Oh well.. he still had fun.

 One of the things we got him. As you can see, Zoe quickly took it over and became a fierce little warrior lol

And then on Sunday.. it frickin snowed. SNOWED. WTH?
It was 80 degrees 2 days before!!
Oh well.. it was nice though. Didn't stick around for long, but it did snow for a while. Started at around 6 or 7 and didn't stop until almost noon. Quickly melted after that, but the kids still got to play in it some :)

 She made a "snow puppy" lol

 Ezra stayed inside where it was nice and warm and snuggled in his rock n play :)

And yep.. it's been an eventful weekend. Well.. eventful for my life lol.
Just wish it was easier to house break puppies. Only thing bad about a puppy is the poop and pee you're gonna need to clean up before they learn.

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