Monday, March 20, 2017


First up... crating puppy at night was the wrong choice!!
We did it again last night and it was even worse than the first one.
I eventually got tired of it (at around 2:30am) and picked up the cage with him still in it and put it in the sunroom and closed the door except for a crack.
Thankfully putting him in there drowned out the noise enough for us to get to sleep and stay asleep.
I didn't want a hound dog or hound dog mix b/c I know the kind of barks they have.
Well.. I think little Mr Rocko beats any hound dog any day of the week with his sounds. Holy crap that pupper is LOUD and frickin persistent as heck. Heck, he could have hound in him and it's coming out in his vocals. lol
I'll have to get some video of him making a fuss outside. Trying to get him to not be so attached to me. I have to stand outside with him or else he'll stand at the door and whine/howl/bark.

He's a smart little guy though. Think he's only about 2mo and he seems to understand sit already. Need to learn how to teach him how to do other things lol. Sit is the only one that I know :P
I taught Cid how to shake and we taught him how to lay down, but that was it.

The kids like the puppy. Oren more than Zoe. Zoe likes him, but she's scared of him b/c when we first got him, he would pull on her pants (which we would stop right away and tried telling her how to get him to stop). But now all she does is whine and back away from him, which makes the pup think she's playing. Keep trying to tell her he's not going to hurt her but she's 4 and hard headed lol.

zoe <---- she just typed that out lol

Back to eating healthy again. I'm afraid to get on the scale. My wedding ring is getting tight and XL shirts are actually starting to fit a little more tight than I want to admit to.

I'm ready though. Well.. ready enough. Just need to clean up so I have room to exercise. That or wait to do it at night which I don't want to do.
 Exercise is not happening this week. Not with a puppy that is going to be under my feet every step, but hoping that by next week. Even if he's not completely, I'm still planning on next week.
This week is just going to be focused on cleaning up, taking care of kids and puppers and getting back on track with diet.

Oren and Zoe are constantly annoying eachother. SO. MUCH. WHINING!
So much crying and whining and bickering and yelling and screaming and UUUUUUUUUGH.
If I liked alcohol.. I'd be having an afternoon drink. Seriously....
Or hell, if MJ was legal.. I'd certainly be tempted to smoke up a joint to calm my stress levels.
They're not even doing anything horrible to eachother, but by their reactions, you would think they were trying to kill one another.
I'm going to lose all of my hair when Ezra joins the mix.

DH finished the play house :D
He's slowly but surely working on the entire play area. It's slow going but getting done.
No new pics. I'll get some tomorrow though.

Cat has been peeing outside of his litterbox in protest of the puppy. Stupid cat.

Zoe keeps saying that she wants a kitty. Twins to be exact lol. I always tell her that once she moves out, she can get however many cats she wants, but mommy and daddy are never getting another one.
Well.... I'd change my mind if we were given a munchkin :P lol

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