Friday, March 3, 2017

GAH! I burned my thummmb!!!

Damnit bread! Why must you hurt me???

So I wanted to try making some no-knead bread. It requires you to let a mixture of water, flour, and yeast sit at room temp for at least 24hrs.
Did that...
Then, you take out the gloopy mess and plop it on to a well floured counter. You cover it in flour pretty much and shape it in to a football shape. Cover and let it rise.
Then you heat a dutch oven in your oven at 450, and quickly plop the dough in, replace the top and bake, then remove top, finish baking, etc etc.
Easy peasy...
Well my clumsy ass let the heavy lid slip when I was trying to get the dough in. I instinctively went for it with no protection on my hand and burned my thumb when it hit the molten hot lid. Thankfully my thumb had a layer of flour on it so it didn't get as burned as it could've gotten, but it's still burned and the area still hurts like shit and it's turning in to a giant blister.
Of course it's on my main hand too so now I'm going to have to try to do everything either with my left hand or gingerly do things with my right so I don't touch the burned area. SIGH!
Stupid burns!
And also.. this is why I think people really need to kill their food before cooking. Like those poor lobsters and crabs people just plop right in to boiling water. I'm sure it's a quick death, but it's still gotta be super painful for that second. Yes.. I'm having some sympathy with tasty giant water bugs right now.....

Tylenol has finally kicked in so it's not hurting as much but it didn't take the pain away completely. SIGH!

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