Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I should've taken more.

Oops... posted before I was done rofl...

Anyway... lots of photos incoming!! I should've taken a lot more to show the nice mess the kids make on a daily basis. Seriously.. I vacuumed yesterday and it didn't even look like I had in a week today.
Doesn't help that it rained so the kids have been tracking in mud and everything else... sigh...

The mini titans after they got home from church... or maybe it was before. I dunno. They were looking cute either way. That's Zoe's new outfit we bought her at Walmart :D She needed new dress shoes and then I saw the cute Moana outfit :)

 Little dirt goblin. It's rare to get a good photo of him now. He's still in his "no photos!" phase.

 Baby Ez in his batmobile. He's getting around a lot better in it. Now this lazy momma just needs to stop being lazy and get on the floor with him to do more floor stuff. He scooted backwards yesterday when he was on his tummy yesterday, but he hates tummy time so much.
Anywho... I think these 2 photos show his eyes really well. DH thinks they've changed to their final color, but no. They're currently brown in the middle w/ that newborn blue/grey on the outside. No way his eyes are staying that color. They're definitely going to be lighter brown that the other 2.

 Ciddy bear and Pippin. Cid is getting up there in age. He's such a good pup.
Some tolerance from Pippin with the puppy. He licked him yesterday and today. He's just not used to that much energy coming at him and the puppy has already gotten bigger than him. Easy to do when you only wear 3 or 4lbs.

Gave Oren some rice for brunch..... I think the table liked it too.... sigh.....

Door wide open. Sun is out.... yep.... time to pee in the house! Grrrrrr...

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