Friday, March 17, 2017

I want a puppy!!!!

First up.... this morning was full of foot cream..... on Oren and whatever he touched.
The kids went in to his room and shut the door. Something they do often, but every single time, Oren starts crying b/c Zoe isn't sharing or whatever.
Not this time though. That should've alerted me and gotten me to check on them sooner, but NOPE! I was just enjoying the quiet.
Quiet... what every parent knows is dangerous.
Ezra wakes up, so I go get him, then check on the other 2 and yep... foot cream (That we use for his thrush) is all over him and his dresser and walls.
Thankfully it wasn't diaper cream... which he had also gotten his hands on. The tube is almost empty though so he wasn't able to get anything out.
He started crying as soon as I startled him when I asked what he was doing lol.
Notice the smear on the wall behind him :P
Even though it was all over his mouth, I don't think he ate much. I'm sure he probably tasted it but after finding out that it doesn't taste good, just decided to use it as lotion :P lol
He also took almost a full pack of wipes and pulled out almost every single one of them too. It's amazing how much they can get done in such a short amount of time.. when they're not supposed to be doing said stuff.

A pic of that puppy we had for a night lol
He was determined to get up on the furniture to sleep. Which we don't mind at all.
He was trying to get in to Zoe's lap first, but he was just too big for her lap.
So then he slept on me a bit, but I had to get up to mom so I put him in his own spot that he was happy to be in.
Sent the pic to DH and all he could say was "Get Robin off his junk!" rofl

What this has shown me though is that I want a GD puppy NOW!!
MUST be a puppy since we have 3 young/small kids and 2 small dogs. Just needs t be a puppers that will grow up used to being messed with the way the kids are going to mess with them.
I know there are so many adult dogs that need homes too, but just can not trust that they'd be cool with a few small kids hugging all over them and whatnot.

Anywho... so I've been on petfinder every single day. I've been dreaming about getting a puppy... literally dreaming about it almost every night.
It's been exhausting lol.
The city pound (which I guess you're not supposed to call it anymore?) is having a special today. St Patrick's Day. Only a $17 adoption fee. BUT according to petfinder, they don't have any puppies :(
BUT good thing... I think their normal adoption fee starting this year is only $35. So yeah. I've been checking every day to see if they have any new pups listed.
See a few being taken off, but no new ones :(
There is one rescue that has a ton of puppies that I would love to go check out, but their adoption fee is $300. I still don't think that's too much since it's going to be a puppers that will be with us for hopefully 12+ years. But DH just gives me a look lol. I want to visit it tomorrow.
Told DH he needs to get off of work early today so he can check out the pound... just in case they have new pups that aren't listed lol.

Blahblah etc..... I'm obsessed and we WILL be getting a dog damnit!
I've made peace with the fact that I won't have my corgi, but we'll be able to give a good chaotic home to another puppers in need. I'll be making a jar to save for my future corgi though. It's going to be years before we get one, so that's plenty of time to squirrel away enough money /nodnod

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