Sunday, March 5, 2017


First up.. my burned finger is thankfully not hurting anymore. The flour coating it had covering it really protected it from getting burned worse than it did. Right now it's just a big weird feeling blister on it. Doesn't hurt thankfully.

And DH started putting the play house together yesterday finally :D
It's not finished just yet. LOTS of parts to it and there aren't premade holes for the screws everywhere. Plus, the English instructions are incomplete. WTF? It went from steps 2... to 12 in English. So DH is having to use the Spanish instructions. SO stupid but whatever. He's getting it done.
I think we would've had it done a bit sooner or at least more of it, but DH gets a bit anal when it comes to stuff like this.
I won't call it OCD, but he does get this really annoying perfectionism thing going and things MUST be a certain way or else he gets all frustrated.
Like.. we seriously took about an hour or longer making sure the mats the house sits on were straight and the same distance away from the borders and blahblahblah.
Just shit that doesn't matter that much and didn't need that much time spent doing.
Oh well...

All the pieces that are left. Well. there are some roof pieces off to the side too. :)

Zoe being silly :D

And Oren not wanting his photo taken (we're in that phase now). AND he's sick AGAIN damnit :(
Runny nose and coughing.
Poor little guy was up all night last night coughing and crying :(
He's acting somewhat normal. A little more low energy than normal.
Hopefully whatever this is passes by quick since he just got better from the last cold. Just do not understand how he keeps getting sick like this all the dang time.
Ezra was in the house most of the afternoon sleeping. He took a LONG nap. We eventually brought him out though. Didn't get a photo.

And yep... wish I could help more with the play house, but there's not much I can do to help. Disappointed but DH is doing a good job :)
We just need to figure out the play area substrate situation. I want pea gravel still, but it would be way too expensive buying bags of it from Home Depot. We need to go to one of these garden center places that have it loose that you can put in to the back of a truck. I'm sure it's much cheaper to get that way.

Anywho... need to start cleaning up. Have termite folks coming over tomorrow and don't want a grungy house.

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