Friday, March 3, 2017

Stupid bugs!!!

GD it!! While I like living on a slab... it definitely has A LOT of cons. Such as termites.
Those little bastards will find every single crack in your foundation and will come up through it to attack your home.
Last year, I think we only spotted them once.
They're starting early this year. They're right outside of Zoe's room. Spotted it on Wednesday. Pretty sure they just popped up that morning. Pest control came out the same day to look at it. No damage... by that night.. the termites already had a few holes in the floor board.
Termite ppl are coming back on Monday to drill holes in the foundation in hopes of getting at wherever they're coming in from. It's right in the middle of the house so it's extra challening and I hope it's not raining that day so I can just keep the dogs and kids out back and out of the way.
It's gonna be loud and dirty and frickin annoying!
I mean, I'm sure it's just as annoying with a crawl space. You have to worry about the actual wood keeping your house up and everything. But with a slab.. you must drill.... I dunno what they're going to do about avoiding any plumbing, etc. Just a giant PITA.

Weather has cooled back up. Hopefully it won't hinder DH's progress on the play area. We bought wood to frame it. I think he's still figuring out leveling it. Not really sure. But hopefully it's not too much more work so we can get the weed blocking tarp things and then start building the house. That will hopefully only take a few hours to get up so on Monday, that will at least keep the kids outside.

It's been 5 days since I last pumped. I'm getting sad about it again lol.
I'm glad to have stopped, but just knowing it's the last time my body is providing for my baby... it's sad to give it up.
I am happy to not have painfully raw, split, cracked nipples though! WOO! Once I stopped pumping so much, they healed up pretty quickly. They're still super dry right now and get that tingly burning sensation that make me paranoid about leaking.
No pain though. Absolutely no engorgement. Like I said, some burning sensation, but that's been it.

Going to have to throw out the last 2 bottles of milk too. I just kept forgetting to heat them up for Ezra and just don't feel comfortable giving them to him now. I'm sure they're still fine, but better to be safe than sorry and just pour the milk out. May pour it out in to a houseplant lol. Maybe something can use my sour milk :P lol

Sigh.... bye bye pumping. A part of me will miss you.. but I sure as heck won't miss being attached to a pump or that pain.

Have I mentioned that I want to have an all Asian food week?
I love watching food vlogs on youtube. Mostly w/ Asian foods.
Watching them all has really made me want to look up and make some authentic Asian foods. Like authentic Japanese ramen or some kind of Chinese dish, etc. Seeing all of those rich soups, sauces, spices.... UGH my mouth is salivating just thinking about it.
I wish we had more authentic Asian places here... especially when it concerns Chinese food. It's all Americanized stuff.. which is tasty, but it would be nice to have authentic stuff to pick from too.
I guess that's 1 good thing about Korean food. It hasn't really been Americanized lol. I guess a lot of the flavors are already pretty western friendly so the dishes don't get changed too much.
So yeah.. I need to look up recipes. Pick the ones that I want to fix and get that stuff. Not sure when this will happen.. but oh yes... it will happen. /nodnod
Some handmade dumplings of all kinds..... ramens, more dumplings.... maybe some hand torn noodles... etc.

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