Sunday, March 19, 2017

Woo boy.. that was....... Ruff.....

Thanks folks.. I'll be here all night......

Seriously though... I forgot about the adjustment period for puppies. First night without it's littermates and in a new home.
We put him in to the crate we have and he was not having it. We didn't push him in or anything. Lured him in with food. Didn't do it as slowly as we should though and lordy. You would've thought we were killing him with the ruckus he was making.
Rocko is one LOUD puppers.
I'm shocked that the kids weren't woken up by him.
Hell, I'm surprised we didn't get the cops called on us or something.

He whined, howled and barked in a total of 4? incidents. And of course with puppies, you're not supposed to go and comfort them b/c then they think doing all of that will get them what they want. So you have to let them keep at it until they wear themselves out.
It was a very long night to say the least lol

We don't plan on crating him at night all the time. It's just until he's a little older and is house broken.
He has this really annoying habit of just peeing a little. Looking like he's done, but not.. and will pee again a couple minutes later in a different spot lol. Tiny pee spots everywhere.
Need to buy more spray.
Thankfully he does seem to realize outside is for doing his business. Just need to make him realize inside isn't.

He's a good little puppers though. Really young still, so we have a lot of work to do. Or I should say.. I have a lot of work to do since I'm the one that wanted to get a puppy :)

Our dogs are split on liking him. The older dog Cid doesn't really care. He's such a good laid back dog.
Pippin, our little mutt chihuahua is apprehensive. Poor dog doesn't know what to think. He could have a fun little companion, but since we didn't socialize him like we should have, he's just a nervous little thing that doesn't like the new guy. Hopefully he'll warm up to him soon though.
The cat also isn't sure about the new one. He's been hiding out in our room. He better not pee/poop in there.

It's gonna be a long couple of weeks, but hopefully we got a smart little doggo that learns quick so at least there won't be more pee and poop in the house.

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