Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rocko's modern life

So... we got a puppy this morning :P lol
It's not the one that I initially wanted, but I'm glad we got this little fella anyway.
I wore DH down lol.
Went to the pound early early. We got there like 14mins after they opened and the puppy that I had wanted was already being adopted. SHEESH.
This was the little guy that I had wanted...

They said english bulldog mix only based on the fact that they had very sturdy little legs. But the woman we talked to said that the person who brought them in said they were pitbull and something.
Anywho.. that pup along with 2 others from the same litter that I had wanted were also being adopted. Everyone got there early to get the pups they wanted lol. And these pup's photos were only posted yesterday afternoon. They were just fixed so weren't ready yesterday.
DH saw another litter and saw this little fella. It was between him or one of the black puppies from the above one. I didn't want another black lab looking dog that those were probably end up going to look like, so we chose this little guy.
He was super nervous being held. Didn't really interact much, but came to life once we were home.
Absolutely LOVES the kids and is exploring everywhere and everything.
Oh and we named him Rocko if you didn't figure that out. :D
No idea what he's mixed with. It said Lab mix, but everything is lab mix lol. Lab or pitbull.
His face almost looks like a german shepard, but difficult to say. His paws arent too large so he probably wont be huge. Maybe 60lbs at the most. I don't think he'll get that big, but we'll see :)

Oh AND the shelter was still having their $17 St Patrick's day special so that is what we got him for. WOO :D
So happy we got him. He's already peed like 4x in the house though lol. House training is going to suck and teaching him not to beg or snatch food from the kids is going to be frustrating.
But glad theyre going to have a pup to grow up with that actually likes them :)

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