Friday, March 10, 2017

Ok... it can stop now

Ok.. I'm over this period. It can stop now :P Nevermind that it just started.. no no.. it can go away.
It kept getting lighter and lighter yesterday. Thought it was going to completely stop b/c by the time I went to bed, I wasn't wiping any blood away.
It picked back up this morning and now I'm left feeling bloated and in pain. More uncomfortable pain so while it's not doubling me over.. I feel like all I want to do is either let out a giant fart or poo. Awesome.
Guys are so lucky to not have to deal with this shit every month. Sigh....
I guess they have their random boners to deal with though.

Anywho... bought to go take my first dose of tylenol for the day and hope it kicks in soon.

The weather is going crazy!! It's always like this so it's not a surprise, but it is too.
It's getting back in the 40's for.. I dunno how long. This is after it has been in the mid to high 70's.
I guess it's a good thing I haven't cleaned out the garden area yet b/c the plants would be dead.
Even talk that there is a slight chance for a wintery mix. Sheesh.
Oh well... I like the cold, but it was nice leaving the windows open.
It will be blistering hot soon enough.

Oren had his appointment this morning.
He's 30lbs, 33inches tall and had to get his finger pricked. DH took him.
DH asked about Oren's height b/c we keep joking that he's gonna be short. He's gonna be short by "guy" standards I guess? But according to his doctor, he's probably gonna be around 5'7" or taller. She told him that from her experience and what she's read, the later he hits puberty, the taller he'll be. If puberty happens sooner, then it will stunt his height.
I thought that was pretty interesting.

Also asked about his nasty poops. She wants us to eliminate dairy from his diet for 2 weeks to see if he might have a lactose intolerance. I don't think he does since he really wasn't getting a lot of dairy before. But we'll see what happens.
She didn't seem concerned since his poops weren't bloody or mucuousy.

And.. more photos!

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