Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Oren!!!

Can't believe my little boy is 2yo. Well.. I can believe it.
It's that weird feeling... time flew by but also feels like it's going by slow too.
He's his usual self today. Full of energy, whiny and dirty lol.
Love my little dude so much :)
Pics! They were all taken this morning :)

 Taking pics all throughout the day. Hopefully I'll have more good ones to post tomorrow too :)
He has his 2y appointment tomorrow morning. DH gets to take him to that. That's the price he pays for going out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday nights lol.

Went out yesterday to walmart. Was getting Cabin Fever for some reason so just needed to go somewhere.
Bought some party supplies. Not nearly as many Batman things as I was hoping for though so had to supplement with some Spiderman lol.
Same for toys. There were maybe 3 or 4 action figure Batman toys and 2 of them were overpriced. Think they were more figurines and not toys.
Disappointed b/c I wanted to buy him 1 more thing. Bought him a cute little Paw Patrol bath toy and a Batman easter egg grabber thing.
Also bought him and Zoe some new shoes. I know people don't like Walmart but pfft... they're good if you don't want to spend a ton on new stuff.
Oh, also bought the kids Moana. Haven't seen it yet, but will watch it tonight during dinner. I'm sure they'll both love it :)

I was determine to accidentally amputate my toes yesterday. First, I stepped on one of the baby gates weird and heard crunches coming from all of my toes. That wasn't the worst though....
I was getting some frozen fries out of the fridge and the giant spiral ham we have in there came tumbling out right on to my big toe.
Holy shit that hurt to GD much. It still hurts actually.
I scared the kids by screaming in pain and trying my best not to say every curse I knew.
Good times :\

And finally.. my period finally started!!
It's still weird, but it's at least not just spotting anymore.
I thought it was gonna go that way yesterday b/c it kept decreasing and went almost to nothing by the time I went to sleep.
But unfortunately for me, came back with lots of horrible slightly painful but extremely uncomfortable bloating early this morning.
Anyway, still not really a flow, but it's something I guess.
Just hope it doesn't last longer than a week. Thinking it will, but hope not.

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