Monday, March 27, 2017

What's that? You want to be productive?

My brain: We're gonna start exercising today! WOO!! Lets do this!!!
My body: Hahahahaha.. You're funny. /hits the break down button

Seriously... BLEH!!!
I was very prepared to start exercising today. Woke up to a mild headache. Not a big deal. Thought my period was on its way out the door. WOO!
NOPE on both accounts. Headache has gotten worse, I'm actually getting medium to heavy flow now w/ my period AND I'm getting cramps too.
WTF body? WTF???

Just took some tylenol. Hoping it helps. Didn't take any earlier b/c the headache had gone away for a little while.

I guess I can take it easy while on my period. Since I don't use tampons.. exercising wearing a pad and getting all sweaty down there is just disgusting and messy.
Still though... I was getting excited b/c I thought this period was coming to an end, but noooooo
2nd wave of suckiness incoming!! And with cramps too just to dig it in.

And to add to the suck.... Oren stepped in his first pile of poop just a little while ago. He tried to remove it from his feet with his hand and got it all over his hand too.
That was a nasty mess. Came in here whining, waving his hand at me. Just thought he was digging in mud until the smell hit me. /barf
I guess it's a good thing he wasn't happy about it too.

I always say to the kids multiple times... watch out for poop! When they're playing out back lol. Maybe now, they'll listen.

And all that weeding I was planning on doing didn't happen. DH wasn't happy that the pulled up weeds were leaving holes all over the place.
That's what happens when you let the weeds take over.
He wants to put weed killer back there, but that shit never works.
Whatever.... we'll see what happens. He wants nice grass back there too, but I think he's wanting to wait until he gets his shed up to start w/ the grass.
Just waiting for our stupid HOA people to approve the application we sent in.

If you're looking to move.. try to move somewhere without an HOA! It is a GD PITA and it's a bunch of bullshit having to follow all of these rules and not being able to decorate your home the way you want.
Obviously you don't want anyone doing anything ridiculous to their home and property that will devalue the homes around them, but something like putting a shed up shouldn't need to be frickin approved so long as we're not trying to put up a barn sized one.
Hell, our backyard doesn't even back on to this neighborhood.

Oh AND... the HOA members here are lazy AF and don't do their jobs. DH put in the application over a month ago and we still haven't heard back anything.
Also, they pick and choose what to enforce. Like.. you're not supposed to leave your car parks in the road for longer than a night or 2. Yet people do it all the damn time here. They let that shit slide all the time. You're also supposed to keep your lawn at least somewhat nice looking. They're not asking for perfection, just decent.
SO many lawns in this neighborhood are nothing but weeds. It's gross to look at.

Those people are fine to do that crap, but we got a warning b/c our front yard mulch was looking too old and needed to be replaced. Instead of being that rich brown fresh color, it started looking a little grey. IMO not a big deal.
Yeah... we got a warning for that shit.
And nevermind the annual fees due too. I understand why those are needed if you have a neighborhood pool/recreational area, but the dues can get pretty damn ridiculous in some areas.

So yeah... if you're looking to move and want freedom to do whatever the hell you want on your property.... just say no to HOA!

Well that went on to be a big rant lol...

Ugh.. my brother keeps trying to contact me.
Bitch.. no.
I'm done with him.
First... he doesn't text me unless he wants something. His first text is always a "Hey" That's it.
So I text back "What do you want."
And he tries some bullshit 'joking' "Nothing. Unless you got a lot of money you can give me. LOLOL"
He is lucky I didn't cuss his ass out b/c UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH that pissed me off.
After the shit he's done to our mom and he wants to joke about that? FUCK OFF.
So... keeping calm as best I can.. I tell him "Don't ever talk to me about money ever again."
That's when he wants to get all butthurt and act like he wasn't just about to ask us for money (b/c I know he was).
And then a day or 2 later, he texts me again with some bullshit trying to guilt trip me with "Tell Zoe, Oren and Ezra hi for me. But I know you probably won't."
Seriously? You giant piece of monkey shit?? My brother could not care less about my kids. Hell.. he barely cares about his own kids. And he wants to try to fucking guilt trip me with that load of horse crap?
I haven't texted him back since.
He texted me yesterday asking if we could come over to jump start his car or call our mom to do it. I didn't see the text until a few hours later. But no.... Fuck off and deal with your own shit.
Stop fucking lying to our mom and telling her that you or your wife don't have phones just b/c you don't want her calling you to ask you to pay for the money you stole.
Just UGH.... so sick and tired of him and I'm even more pissed off b/c of this period so.. FUCK HIM.

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